About me

I am a back-end and cloud services software engineer at MindStaq, located in NYC. I enjoy:

  • Studying the challenges that arise in distributed and decentralized systems
  • Solving difficult problems
  • Learning new concepts to proficiency and depth.

I try to think, solve, learn, and develop from first-principles. A developer doesn't just use a tool: they know how it works and why it exists.

I am also the co-creater and co-maintainer of Layr: A decentralized cloud storage system

I am proficient with the following technologies:

  • Node.js
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Relational database design and SQL
  • Distributed Systems Architecture

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Featured Project

Layr: A decentralized cloud storage system

Layr uses peer to peer technologies to realize robust cloud storage without the need for a centralized provider. To locate other nodes and files on the network, Layr makes use of, and extends, the Kademlia protocol. To ensure privacy of a file owner's data, Layr uses private key encryption and file sharding (sharding also has the benefit of offsetting storage and bandwidth overhead across many storage-providing peers). To increase file availability, detect compromised files, and heal compromised files, Layr uses a redundancy scheme, proofs of retrievability, and file patching. To encourage participation and cooperation while maintaining anonymity, Layr enables users to transact with cryptocurrency. To batch operations in a transaction, Layr uses smart contracts.

Link to Github
Whitepaper: https://layr-team.github.io/layr-project/
HackerNoon Paper: https://hackernoon.com/building-layr-an-experimental-decentralized-cloud-storage-system-be32e530fd8d