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Tannr Allard

Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm a back-end developer focusing on the challenges and solutions that arise in peer-to-peer computing systems

I spend a lot of my free time honing my skills and mastering my craft. I love formal logic and integrate rigorous thinking into my development practices and daily activities.

My day is not fulfilling if I haven't made progress towards developing a certain skill. I'm obsessed with learning topics to depth and addicted to the satisfaction that results from conquering a tough challenge.

My Principles

  1. Be technology-agnostic: New tools, languages, and frameworks are easy to learn when one has a strong foundation in first principles. Don't just learn a framework: know why it exists & how it works.
  2. Learning is a top-priority skill: Building off the first point, there are many ineffective ways to grok a topic. Effective learners understand the core challenges a solution (or tool) solves, the context of its development, and the fundamental concepts upon which the solution depends.
  3. Developer as teacher: Teaching, articulating, and explaining concepts requires rigor of understanding. Team members should continuously learn from, and teach, eachother.

Latest Project

Other Projects

ProofJS - A automatic proof verifier for first order (predicate) logic In Progress

ProofJS was borne out of my love for logic and the fact that the JavaScript world doesn't really have any tools like this. Useful for people who want to write machine-checkable proofs in a natural deductive style, but who don't want to learn a new language.

Public release (and link) coming soon

SetJS - A library providing set-theoretic definitions and operations according to the ZFC paradigm. In Progress

SetJS is a standalone package for defining and operating on sets. It was initially coupled with ProofJS but then I realized it would be more valuable as a standalone tool.

Public release (and link) coming soon

Work Experience

Developer - Nervos Foundation (March, 2019 - Present)

Helping build the infrastructure for a global, sustainable crypto-economy.

Software Engineer II - MindStaq (May, 2018 - March, 2019)

- Optimized contact syncing engine to filter out "meaningful" contacts and reduced runtime complexity.

- Integrated content creation with a hybrid blockchain service for data protection

- Built an internal tool for collaboration and language translation (reactJS, nodeJS). It allowed us to:

- Collect our localization efforts in a single place
- Provide multiple parties with the ability make and review changes to translation files in parallel
- Easily revert translations to previous versions in the event of mistakes
- Quickly export and format translation data for use by the front-end.

- Built a framework for quickly and easily integrating with third party publishing APIs

- Created an in-house training program for developers, focusing on reactJS, networking, and distributed data systems

Software Engineer and Co-Creator Layr (2017 - Present)

During the development of Layr, I:

- Performed in-depth literature analysis of P2P networking and topologies

- Performed an in-depth literature review of solutions to data availability and durability in distributed systems

- Identified core challenges such as content and node discovery, unreliable networks, stateful packet inspection & NAT, distributed transactions, high churn, privacy, and byzantine faults.

- Built the incentive scheme atop the p2p network that utilizes smart contracts to facilitate atomicity between data transactions

- Extended the Kademlia protocol with custom RPCs

- Implemented a proof of retrievability scheme to enable file owners to perform remote audit challenges against file hosts

- Collaborated on the development of a file patching routine that healed partially lost or corrupt files on the network

Research AssistantNVU-Johnson (2015 - 2017)

Performed literature reviews about psychophysiology and heart rate variability biofeedback

Presented to high school and college students, aiding in lecture and demonstration about psychophysiological responses to acute stress and biofeedback

Developed a preliminary predictive model of compliance to health care interventions based on psychometric data

Presented my findings at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research 2016